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Fotografie: Canon EF 2.8 24mm Hands on Review

Copyright by Michael Bockhorst 23 02 08 - 20:54

What is that document for? Give you some hints about my procedure of decision making for the selection of camera equipment.

Canon EF 2.8 / 24

Procedure of decision makin

After several years of experience with a Canon G2 Compact camera (4 Megapixel, 2.0-2.5 34-102 equivalent lens) I have seen good results but under low light level conditions a APS-C sensor is superior.

The mess is, that there are no wide angle lenses for APS-C sensors available which provide a reasonable open aperture, excellent optical quality and reasonable prices. Another point is the compactness of the lens -- typical wide angle zooms are really big.

After trying out an old PENTACON 2.8 29mm lens with an adaptor M42-Lens to Canon-EF-Body I had no satisfying results due to a centering problem of the lens.

Checking the famous lens test site www.photozone.de I tried to find a good candidate with the following properties:

  1. Very good to excellent optical quality
  2. reasonable maximum aperature for low light level conditions -- minimum f/2.8
  3. reasonable minimum focus distance at maximum focal length -- something around a reproduction factor of 5
  4. a reasonable size
  5. monolithic construction, means: no extension during focusing and no pumping of dust into the lens/the body
  6. good mechanical stability and smooth focus
  7. weight
  8. price (I do not pay any price ;-)
After studying several reviews the CANON EF 2.8 24mm it seemed that it is a sharp and contrast rich lens. I found a sample for 150 EUR at the second hand section of a photo shop at bonn, compared to around 450 EUR for a new one it was a really cheap buy. 50 EUR for a B&W UV Filter and the petal shaped lens hood.


The lens performs well at each setting: It is quite sharp and contrast rich from f/2.8 on. Distortions are low, lower compared to standard zooms in the same focal range. Closing the aperture means a slight increase in sharpness and a slight increase in chromatic aberrations. But this lens is a good compromise between all optimization parameters.

The optical construction consists of 10 lenses without any grouping. This means that the lens has 20 surfaces and it is prone to contralight flares. The sample I bought is around 15 years old -- hopefully a modern coating and lens design might provide a lens without disturbing flares.

But the overall quality is satisfying and much better compared to Small-Sensor-Compacts. The lens is tiny compared to wide angele zooms especially compared to those zooms which provide full frame capability.

It opens up the whole world of classical photography at an equivalent focal length of around 37mm, a lens without any special effect. Choose and chase interesting subjects and light conditions, a true photographic challenge

Sample Fotos

The CANON EF 2.8 24mm shows a very natural reproduction quality and an unobtrusive perspective.

FOTO 1: Near Bonn, misty weather conditions (low contrast). Canon EOS 20d/EF 2.8 24

FOTO 1 - Near Bonn, misty weather conditions. Canon EOS 20d/EF 2.8 24

FOTO 2: City of Bonn, available light shoot. Canon EOS 20d/EF 2.8 24

FOTO 2 - City of Bonn, available light shoot. Canon EOS 20d/EF 2.8 24